9 Facets Workbook and Spirit Trilogy


Welcome to 9 Facets.? We humbly offer this program as a tool to help you develop the skills necessary to make principle-based decisions, take action and bring yourself to account each day as you reflect on both your spiritual and material progress.? By the end of the workbook, if you take the time to do all of the meditations, exercises, activities and reflections, you’ll have a plan in place to put your sacred purpose in the center and serve it throughout your life.????

Our goal is not to develop another time management program or a set of specific practices; it is rather to build our lives through dedication to our sacred purpose of recognition of the Manifestation of God for this day, and obedience to his laws and ordinances.?

9 Facets is a Bahá’í based planning program which works to empower individuals to engage their entire life around the needs of the Cause and the activities of the current Plan.? It is an open-ended program with no pre-determined outcomes. It is up to the individual to set goals and take action.

It is “consecrated and courageous individual believers”, as mentioned by the Universal House of Justice in its letter for Ridván 2009, that will “rebuild this broken world”.? 9 Facets is a way of “entering into purposeful discussion on themes of spiritual import” and a way of “studying the writings that is wedded to action”, two concepts from the Ridván 2010 letter. We hope this workbook, with its focus on dedicating our lives to our sacred purpose, might be one step on the path toward that ultimate reality.

9 Facets - Spirit Journey Workbook - Draft Copy

9 Facets: Creating a Praiseworthy Life is a 134 page PDF book/workbook.? It comes in 2 parts due to its file size.? PDF can be read by any computer and any book reader including Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Sony.

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9 Facets Spirit Journey Trilogy includes all 3 books.

The 9 Facets Spirit Journey Trilogy is a fictional spiritual quest based on The Seven Valleys and Four Valleys, by Baha’u’llah and available from Amazon for only US$19.99.?

Journey to Mount Eternity

??? Parents with high expectations, a boyfriend who has the future all mapped out, and now even the school yearbook thinks it knows exactly what Melissa Davenport wants out of life.? There’s only one problem—nobody’s ever asked her!

??? So, Melissa jumps at the chance to make a decision on her own—to try to accomplish a journey few ever complete.? Backpacking up the remote and majestic Mouth Eternity is just the challenge she needs.? But the Seven Valleys which lead to the summit are very different from the rough-terrain hiking Melissa anticipates and she must dig deep into herself for the strength to continue—and survive.

Island of the Laughing Sky - Draft Copy

?????? Arms outstretched against the buffeting wind, Elise Donaldson plummeted through the atmosphere.? She didn’t have the sensation of falling, exactly, more of being held up by the wind.? Her face wobbled with the wind speed, but behind her goggles, her vision was clear and unobstructed.

?????? Shades of blue.? Sapphire sky.? Turquoise sea.

?????? A full minute, which seemed like an eternity, and yet strangely timeless, of rushing against the wind, heart pounding, free-falling.? And then, the parachute opened.

The sound and sensation of the rushing air stopped.

?????? Silence.? Solitude. Beauty.? Joy.

?????? Pure, unadulterated bliss.? After the last few years of trying to be perfect for others, she deserved a vacation at Paradise Resort on Laughing Sky Island.? She was right in the middle of enjoying the view of the beach where she and her companions would spend a week of lounging in the sun, meditating to the sound of the lapping waves and figuring out life’s mysteries when the winds of destiny blew them off course, to the opposite end of the island.? With no rescue in sight, and the tide rising, there was only one way to reach paradise—by climbing up, over and through the four valleys that stood between them and their goal.? She had journeyed to Mount Eternity, hadn’t she?? How hard could this be?

Light of Hopes - Draft Copy

??? Finally, after a transformational experience climbing the slopes of Mount Eternity and a lot of soul searching on the Island of the Laughing Sky, Elise Donaldson knew what she was meant to do with her life.? During the last few years she had made peace with the past, forgiven and moved on.? Stronger, with clear focus and determination, she had set out to find the perfect place for a retreat center—a place where wandering pilgrims could take a break from the world.? With intention, she had prayed and prepared.? She had used the 9-Facets System that she’d created to design her own destiny.? She was living her life according to her sacred purpose, but could she help others make the leap to consecration?

??? In the distance, almost dancing on the breeze, the gong sounded.? The first guests had arrived—friends and comrades from her previous journeys—each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, needs and issues.? If only she could facilitate miracles. So many were needed.

??? ?“Let go,” Elise said to herself as she rose from her riverside meditation stone, nimbly skipped over the weathered stones along the path, leaving wet footprints as she went.? “Let go and trust.”


The 9 Facets Workbook is about integrating Bahá’í guidance into each facet of our everyday lives.? It is for anyone at any point on the path of spiritual growth.? Our goal is to provide inspiration and a process for creating a complete life plan centered around a core of faith.? Below is a summary of the workbook.

?? We would encourage you to use Lisa Janti’s inspiring recordings of the Seven Valleys as you read through the workbook.

Part 1—Introduction

This introductory section shares our true purpose according to the Sacred Texts.

Part 2—Wayfarers

You begin your journey as a wayfarer and true seeker on a sacred quest.

Part 3—Consecration

This part explores the state of consecration and why it is so important for your spiritual well-being.

Part 4—Seven Valleys—Recognition

As you traverse the Seven Valleys you develop new eyes, heart and mind and reflect on your recognition of the Blessed Beauty.

Part 5—Purpose and Laws

Recognition is only the beginning; to attain spiritual excellence you must be obedient to the laws and ordinances, and in so doing, develop virtues and attributes.

Part 6—Four Valleys—Obedience

As a traveler in the Four Valleys you explore the proper use of will, reason, love and how obedience directs you toward the apex of consciousness.

Part 7—Testament and Facet Visions

This section shares the importance of creating a testament including a statement of your belief and visions of your desired state of being in every facet of your life.

Part 8—Goals

Visions lead to goals and goals lead to action using the 9 Facets GPS (Goal Planning System) which includes an open-ended method for developing and implementing goals that resonate with your sacred purpose.

Part 9—Reflection

Bringing yourself to account each day, each month and each year enables you to focus on how well your plans are in alignment with your true purpose.

Cindy Savage and Trip Barthel, contact us: 9facets@gmail.com

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