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Affirmative Mediation: Positivity in Conflict Resolution WEBINAR

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Dynamic Consultation is meant to be one of many ways to apply the Baha’i principles of consultation and not meant to be the only way.? Consultation provides an excellent foundation for building better decisions.? Many different structures can be built on that same foundation and Dynamic Consultation is one possible structure.

Dynamic Consultation also uses guidance from many other sources.? Here is a summary of Dynamic Consultation.? Each key will be developed more thoroughly in the subsequent chapters.

  1. ?Engage - If you are working with others to solve a problem, devising a principled set of rules, based on truthfulness and trustworthiness, for your interaction is paramount for success. These rules should include the Bahá’í principles of consultation and reflect the foundation for a future agreement.

  2. ?Empathize - During the discussion, participants should make every effort to be frank and loving, candid and compassionate, while being actively interested in the views of others. Interaction should avoid conflict and contention. Emotional rapport should be built through positive questions and heartfelt responses.? The facts and feelings together make up the total reality.

  3. ?Explore - Information should be gathered from a wide range of sources, with diverse points of view represented.? Speak honestly from your own understanding and listen with an open heart and an open mind.? Understand the facts of the situation and explore the reasons behind the actions.?? This is done by asking open, positive questions that promotes positive answers.

  4. ?Envision - Identify the greater purpose and vision for what you are trying to accomplish.? Create a balanced, positive, future-focused frame.? A frame is a broader statement of the problem that allows for a wider range of solutions.

  5. ?Expand - Create a diverse, positive and creative set of choices. Positive thinking helps create more choices and more choices lead to better decisions.? Ideas presented become the property of the group. This means that ideas do not stay the property of an individual or constituency. This allows for the free flow of discussion of an idea without a retained ownership that needs to be defended.

  6. ?Elucidate - Identify the spiritual principles, as well as the other decision making criteria, needed to evaluate the choices.

  7. ?Evaluate - Compare your choices with your principles and other positive criteria, including resources, and relationships.

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  8. ?Execute - Taking collective action to resolve the issues, repair the relationship, promote positivity and create harmony.?? The group strives for consensus, however a majority vote can be taken to bring about a conclusion and make the decision. Once a decision is made, it is incumbent on the entire group to act on it with unity — regardless of how many supported the measure.

  9. ?Examine - Reflect on your decisions and actions to improve them in the future.? Consider the effects of your consultation in relation to the implementation of the decision.