Baha’i Youth Wave


These books are written for youth and have Baha’i characters.???

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Nothing in Common

Katie loves biology and tries to fit in with the crowd.? Matt loves physics and goes his own way. Shakespeare is a mystery to her.? He reads Shakespeare for fun.? What could they possibly have in common?

When Katie goes with Matt to an informal meeting to discuss the Bahá’í Faith, she begins an adventure that takes her from feeling slightly out of sync with the crowd to realizing that it is her differentness that gives her strength.? This is the story of one young woman’s search for truth and her discovery of the beauty and challenge of the Bahá’í message.

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Ride the Wave

The Riverview High Bahá’í Club performs a song accompanied by sign language in their school talent show and suddenly everyone begins noticing them.? Requests pour in from community organizations for entertainment and before Youth Wave as time to take a deep breath, it is a local sensation.? But who is running the show??

It seems that Tracey is making all the decisions, even though she knows that’s not what a Bahá’í Club is all about. And, Brandon is ready to quit—he wants to reach people in a different way. Tracey worries that if she stops pushing, Youth Wave will simply fall apart and her friendship with Brandon along with it.? She just can’t let that happen!

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Wheelin’ It

Priorities—can we ever get them right?? When family life, commitments to Bahá’í Club and the upcoming skateboarding Regional Finals seem to be pulling Will Wheeler apart, he’s sure something will have to give.?

The question is, does it mean the complete breakdown of his relationship with his parents, the rejection of his friends—or jeopardizing his first real chance to make it big in the sport he has dedicated himself to for nine years?? No one should be forced to juggle priorities like these!

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Lian Yuan has been hearing impaired since birth, but that doesn’t stop her from being an integral part of the Riverview Bahá’í Club’s teaching efforts.? She signs, she dances and she makes sure Youth Wave, the club’s performing group, has plenty of her famous chocolate chip cookies to keep up their energy during afternoon practices at her house.? She even started teaching a sign language class at the Parks and Recreation Department and loves the great feeling she gets from sharing her talent with the community.? But when a former student, Janae Booth, doesn’t return to class after a bike accident left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair, Lian really wants to reach out to her in friendship.? The trouble is, Janae’s attitude is keeping everyone at arm’s length.? Since the accident took away her dreams of being a star basketball player, she’s mad at the world and makes sure that everyone knows it. Can Lian and the Riverview Bahá’í Club extend the hand of friendship without getting it bitten off?

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Youth Wave’s schedule is keeping them pretty busy these days and Janae Booth loves every minute.? She particularly enjoys hanging out with the Junior Youth.? They accept her the way she is and don’t care about her wheelchair. When she’s animating them, she’s at her best—a natural teacher. Finally, she feels she’s found her purpose in life.

Unfortunately, her parents have other ideas about her future career.? An ongoing battle rages about law school versus teaching.? They’re convinced that she needs a high paying job to offset her disability.? Happiness, according to them, hinges on material wealth and status.

What do you do when your sacred purpose and your parents don’t see eye-to-eye?

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